When can I expect my shirt?

At Analog Car, we produce your (end everyone else’s) shirt AFTER it has been ordered at the end of the week. Once the shirt has been printed, we mail them out to you. Because of this, you should expect a wait of 15 to 20 business days to receive your order. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your patience!

Return Policy

Because we produce our products after they have been ordered and do not keep inventory in stock, we cannot replace your order for any reason. However, mistakes do happen and we want to makes things right where possible. If you feel that your shirt has a defect, please contact customerservice@analogcar.com to explain your situation and request a return for refund. We reserve the right to deny all returns case by case for any reason.


We are proud of the quality of our products and want you to be just as happy with them! Although our shirts are pre-shrunk, our short sleeve tees run ever so slightly small and have a fitted or “fashion” cut. Our long sleeve tees and hoodies run true to size. We do not accept returns because of incorrect fit unless we sent you a size other than what you ordered.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

We value your intellectual property and we ask that you do the same for us. All of the logos and designs on Analogcar.com are property of Analog Car Inc, and may not be used without our expressed permission. If you believe that we have used your intellectual property in any way, please contact customerservice@analogcar.com as soon as possible. Your notification will be considered an agreement that we may remove any and all mention of your intellectual property from our website within 72 hours in order to avoid any legal action from you or your company.

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